Binary Exploitation [] - (Level 5) passcode

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DescriptionMommy told me to make a passcode based login system. My initial C code was compiled without any error! Well, there was some compiler warning, but who cares about that?
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Testing Linux Heap exploits on different Glibc version (with source-level debugging setup)

Recently I am learning about Linux Heap exploitation and I came across some really good Phrack papers and blogs which explained different type of attacks in varying conditions, I have included the link of these blogs and papers in the next section. I also came across an amazing GitHub project How2Heap by shellpish team, this project has the example exploit code for various heap exploitation technique of different versions of Glibc out there in public, which help me to get a better understanding of how those attacks played out. That project also included a script to build Glibc with any version of your choice and test the exploit on that version.

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Analyzing the Windows LNK file attack method

Recently a friend of mine shared an interesting Malicious sample, it was a Microsoft shortcut file (LNK file) which after clicking(execution) lead to infection, although I was not aware of this type of attack vector before doing a basic research on google I was surprised that there is an increase in this type of attacks since 2017. In this post we will Analysis the LNK file malware and uncover how attacker uses multiple layers of obfuscation to evade AV and finally dropping malicious binary, we will also look into how to de-obfuscate each layer and understand what the code is doing.

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