Exploring the fundamentals of RISC-V: Assembly and Shellcode Series - Part 1

In the ever-evolving landscape of computer architecture, RISC-V has emerged as a promising and disruptive force. With its open-source nature and elegant design philosophy, RISC-V has garnered significant attention from both academia and industry alike. Unlike proprietary architectures, RISC-V is an open-source instruction set architecture (ISA) that provides unrestricted access to its specifications. This openness has spurred innovation, encouraging a flourishing ecosystem of developers, researchers, and companies to contribute to its development. Recent statistics indicate a surge in the adoption of RISC-V architecture, serving as a testament to its growing popularity. According to industry reports, the shipment of RISC-V-based devices reached an astounding 1 billion units in 2022 alone, marking a significant milestone for this emerging technology.

Given the growing popularity of RISC-V in the embedded systems market, it becomes crucial to address the potential security risks associated with the increasing number of devices. This blogpost series aims to provide a comprehensive exploration of RISC-V assembly language fundamentals, enabling readers to understand its core concepts and functionalities. We will begin by delving into the basics of RISC-V assembly, laying a solid foundation for subsequent discussions. In future blog posts, we will focus on setting up the development environment and tools required for writing and compiling assembly code. Furthermore, we will explore practical examples such as crafting basic shellcode and testing it on simple buffer overflow vulnerabilities. Additionally, we will dive into the creation of various shellcode variations, including shell spawning and reverse TCP shells, to expand our understanding and practical skills in this domain.

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Binary Exploitation [pwnable.tw] - Spirited Away

#Challange Description

Name Spirited Away
Points 300
Libc 2.23
Solves 457 times
Category Exploitation
Description Thanks for watching Spirited Away ! Please leave some comments to help us improve our next movie !
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Binary Exploitation [pwnable.kr] - (Level 5) passcode

#Challange Description

Name random
Points 10
Solves 7513 times
Category Exploitation
Description Mommy told me to make a passcode based login system. My initial C code was compiled without any error! Well, there was some compiler warning, but who cares about that?
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