when a chatbot meets arduino

If you have worked with IOT projects that integrate with other web apps or any other types of system you probably must be dealing with 10 different languages and frameworks, it’s painful. It also gets chaotic to maintain the code base in different language and repository. In such areas of troubles, Nodejs/javascript gives out some ray of hope. In this post, we will create a chat bot that will be able to communicate with Arduino board and its connected sensor and this entire project will be in Nodejs just one language javascript. Nodejs is chosen because it excels at handles I/O operations.

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Create a Twitter bot in 4 simple steps

Bots are usually created to automate certain repeated task like you must be visiting your favourite website’s regularly to read the latest post instead you could create a Bot that notifies’s you with the URL of new content which you should check it out. As an example of such Bot, we will create Bot that aggregate memes from 9GAG and Reddit on post it on the Bots Twitter account.

#What this Bot will do?

  1. Fetch images from Reddit and 9GAG and tweet it at a regular interval (say 15 mins).
  2. When every we have new follower we will tweet him a friendly welcome message.
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