ARM Architecture and Shellcode Webinars

In the past few months I did some webinar on ARM architecture and shellcode, I thought it would be good idea to create a post which has links to all of those webinars.

Exploiting ARM based IoT Devices

This is the first webinar which, in this I explain about write assembly code for ARM architecture and after that how to cross-compile the code and emulate the code on QEMU which was running on my x86-64 system.

HITBCyberWeek​ LAB - Writing Bare-Metal ARM Shellcode

This workshop builds on the previous one, in this workshop after giving a brief introduction about ARM architecture in another section I have added another interesting Lab where I demostrate exploiting a micro-controller. The tricky part is write the shellcode for the microcontroller because in this case we don’t have standard OS system call to do our dirty work.


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