Hey Everyone

I am D3xt3r. I am a Forward Engineer by day and Reverse Engineer by night, currently working as IoT Security Researcher at Payatu in my employments history involves working on web application and mobile application development, this is what boring me looks like in the Day or better yet a disguise I wear. My real self can be seen in the dark of night where I like to reverse malware for dinner and some random binaries for deserts. Occasionally I write malware for Linux and Android for no profit and only fun, and just so that I don’t forget my malware reversing skills. I speak 5 languages java, c, c++, python and assembly, but my mother tongue is x86 and I am reasonably fluent in ARM and MIPS instruction. When I feel anxious or have a panic attack I retreat to my emacs to read some Linux kernel source code as it reminds me that, there is a greater problem in the world I need to worry about. Recently I am have been looking into Reversing Embedded System Firmware and how to fuzz them.

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You can contact me at d3xt3rslab [at] protonmail [d0t] com

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